Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings & Structures

Spectrum Building Systems, Inc has an authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List that includes pre-engineered/prefabricated buildings and structures.  We are an experienced Government supplier that is capable of providing quality modular buildings that meet almost every anticipated facilities need.  


FSC Group 54

  • 361 10E - Modular/Mobile Office Buildings and accessories/options including but not limited to office and classroom use.
  • 361 10H - Restroom and/or Restroom Shower Buildings including accessories/options, portable or stationary
  • 361 30 - Ancillary Services related to Pre-Engineered and Prefabricated Buildings and Structures
  • 361 50- Lease/Rental of Pre-Engineered/Prefabricated Buildings and Structures

We also accept GSA SmartPay charge cards.  

Building Uses Available on our GSA Supply Schedule Price List:

  • Portable buildings – great for field offices and remote locations
  • Temporary classrooms – special programs, career development, and disaster recovery efforts
  • Modular buildings – medical facilities, research labs, and training exercises
  • Temporary office space – Excellent for any Executive Agency
  • Medical Facilities - VA health care clinics, temporary medical centers, & disaster relief centers
  • Laboratories - Temporary and permanent 
  • Dormitories