Modular Medical Clinic Fulfills Gap in Care

An elementary school in Macon, GA finally saw all their hard work pay off in the form of a new health clinic, not only for the students that attend but also for the community.  

Spectrum Building Systems worked with the school administrators, local government, and the medical community to ensure this modular medical clinic would serve the needs of not only the students and staff but the parents and surrounding community.    

Once the final plans were approved, the building quickly began to take shape.  The modular health clinic was constructed off site at the same time the land was being prepped and the foundation was being laid.  Once the site was ready, the building was shipped to the site and finished out.  

The modular construction process allows for an accelerated schedule.  The building permit was issued in July and the medical clinic was occupied in October.  In just three months, construction was complete.  

If you would like to learn how modular construction can help your project, give us a call at 800.352.1379.  

The Telegraph profiled the new clinic in a recent article.  


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