Modular Medical Clinic to Serve the Community


Build a two-story, 10,000 square foot medical clinic, complete with an elevator. The higher quality building needs to meet the strict schedule requirements for the qualification of federal grant money.


Spectrum's design team worked with medical staff, their consultants, DOT, City and County personnel, and other govening bodies in order to meet the demands of the clinic. It will provide medical services to those who otherwise might go without medical care. From design, through permitting, to final construction, Spectrum pushed the envelope on technology and scheduling in order to meet the needs of this modular medical clinic.


This turnkey facility is built with modular elevator, lead-lined rooms, and concrete floors. The medical facility includes several exams rooms, triage, nurse station, and a pharmacy. The building can operate as two different clinics, one on each floor. T-grid ceilings, custom cabinetry, and upgraded fixtures are included in this modular medical clinic.

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