Growing NC Charter School Utilizes Modular Construction


A North Carolina K-8 Public Charter School in one of the state’s top ten school districts outgrew its current location and was in need of a plan that included 2 buildings especially designed to be environmentally friendly outdoor classrooms. The school’s main concerns were that the project be completed within a clearly defined budget and summer vacation timeframe.

Features and Building Specifications:

25 spacious classrooms with custom built cabinetry.
10 ft. wide hallways, energy efficient solar tube skylight throughout.
Gymnasium with multipurpose room, a cafeteria, and a band room.
Basketball court with Herculan MF SX 400 floor system.
Fire sprinkler system
Prefabricated ADA concrete deck and ramp system.


Spectrum Building Systems designed and built an enticing 30,000 sq. ft. “L” shaped modular classroom complex with state-of-the-art 5,000 sq. ft. gymnasium/multipurpose building. The project was delivered, installed and completed within the 4 month timeline and proving a learning facility “on time” for the school’s early August 2011 opening.

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