Modular Construction

Modular Construction

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Modular construction is a process that automates the construction methodologies.  It streamlines the entire process, taking advantage of concurrent activities and factory controls.  The same building materials, buildings codes, and engineering professionals are used.  We’ve worked with school systems, government agencies, health care providers, and other market segments to provide the quality space they need to do their job quickly and efficiently.  Why do they choose modular construction?  That answer is almost always budget, timeframe, and minimum site disruption.  

  • Budget – The modular construction process greatly reduces the design and construction period, which save times and money.  The modular building factory also helps accomplish value by their large bulk purchase of materials.  
  • Timeframe – Because the site work and building construction take place at the same time, your building schedule is shorter.  Controlled environment allows for greater production on a per day per week basis.  Much of the design is already complete due to the pre-engineering in a kit of parts thus making the design time and cost reduced.  The automation of the factory process and assembly line technique offer great efficiencies in each and every trade. 
  • Minimum Site Disruption – The building construction takes place off-site, the construction time in the field is reduced, and onsite construction activities are minimized. Because site disruption issues are done in weeks and not months, it won’t hamper your ongoing business.      

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