Modular Health Care Facilities

Modular Health Care Facilities

We know professional health care providers who are exploring the opportunity of opening a new health care center or adding space to existing facilities have numerous items to consider.   How you’re going to staff your practice, raising capital, finding a central location in relation to your patients, and making sure your facility is easy to access are all issues that need to be solved.  In addition, there’s not a standard template for the design of your medical facility, so you’re additionally challenged with whom to hire to help with the design and construction. 

Spectrum Knows Healthcare buildings. Our unique modular building process offers our clients an affordable and easy construction delivery process. 

Whether you decide to build from the ground up or add to existing facility, our modular construction process is an excellent choice.    Our pre-engineered designs make building planning easy and our many flexible financing options can fit the most stringent of budgets. 

It doesn't matter if you choose a small rural health clinics or a large hospital, we have a solution that meets the functional space and ensures our clients an efficient operational facility.   We know that every health care facility is different and there isn’t a one size fits all solution.  We take the time to get to know your organization.  We listen to your concerns, we work with you to identify your needs, and we understand the nuances of health care privacy and security.   

These are just a few reasons to consider Spectrum Building Systems and our modular building process.  For more information, check out our gallery of buildings or for a more in-depth look, here are some of our featured projects. 

If you are ready to start designing and building or if you still have some questions, please give one of our building consultants a call at 800.352.1379 or your can email us at

We’ve built modular health care facilities for:

  • Rural Health Clinics – Provide rapid & affordable solutions in areas where healthcare is lacking
  • School Based Health Clinics – This model is quickly becoming the go-to for communities that are underserved
  • Hospital Swing Space – Allows a hospital to keep its doors open during renovations
  • Corporate Medical Centers – Once building is designed, it’s easy to replicate the model for swift expansion

Modular clinics can provide everything that traditional construction can.

  • Lead-Lined Walls for X-ray rooms
  • In-house Laboratories
  • Acoustic & Visual Privacy
  • Easily modified mechanical and electrical systems
  • Integrates with future expansion
  • Ample space for doctors, nurses, patients, and support staff


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