Modular Laboratory = Future Flexibility

Modular Laboratory = Future Flexibility

Modular laboratories are increasingly becoming popular because of the variety of solutions they can provide.

Tight Schedule – A modular lab can be designed, manufactured, installed, and functioning in less time than traditional construction.  Accelerated Commercial Construction is the “Modular Process” that optimizes the stages of construction activities leveraging automation to complete stages concurrently

  • Construction timeline reduced by 30%
  • Site preparation completed concurrently with construction
  • Duration of work on-site minimized
  • Construction costs reduced significantly
  • Factory based labor is more efficient and less costly than on site labor
  • Plant and setup work are excluded from wage rates
  • Consistent and experienced construction leadership at the plant

Swing space during renovation – Having the ability to continue operations during renovations is imperative. Adding a modular lab will help you carry on your research while renovations are taking place.  You won't have to shut down or stop production while your lab is being updated.  

Ability to keep up with trends – Modular labs can easily be reconfigured with minimum disruption to your science, allowing flexibility for future growth and developments. The Spectrum team brings years of laboratory experience along with benchmarking, best practices, planning templates, all of which are critical components in the development and cost controls for a laboratory facility solution. The Spectrum Team works with owners, leadership teams and end users to establish the program statement and the framework for the development, construction and delivery of the laboratory facility solution

Design and Development - Spectrum recognizes that a good design will only happen when there is a strong understanding of the science and use of the facility.  This is why we take the time to learn about your anticipated programs, what operational issues you may face, and any requirements that need to be meet.  We can assist you in developing your modular lab because we have an understanding of the issues you face in the administration and management of your facilities. 


  1. Schematic Design – develop design solutions that best meet the requirements defined in the program statement and costs / investments for the owner.  This phase provides schematic laboratory plans within the building design.
  2. Design Development - hands-on work sessions with the End Users to more fully define the requirements of the laboratory spaces and the flow of the research activity. This phase is more in-depth, where our teams sit together in collaborative workshops to identify all laboratory service fittings, electrical receptacles, voice and data jacks are documented along with sink sizes, fume hood configurations and specialty exhaust devices, HVAC requirements to laboratory casework configurations to name just a few. These sessions have paralleling activities of cost modeling to preserve the project budgets
  3. Construction Document - Team Spectrum prepares construction drawings, detailed specifications and delineation of responsibilities for the entire project. Spectrum develops a detailed set of documents and schedules that enable and manage the coordination of the construction delivery of the building solution. 


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