Chemical Company leases lab and office complex

Chemical Company leases lab and office complex

International chemical company needs to lease transition space while current lab undergoes extensive renovations in order to minimize the interruptions to ongoing R&D activities.  Goal is to lease temporary lab and office space from Spectrum for period of 3 years.  Proposed location has existing site utility infrastructure, existing foundations for structural systems, and will maintain proximity to R&D business units.    

SPACE - By the Numbers

  • Lab Area:  21,435 SF
  • Office Area:  18,149 SF
  • Total Area:  39,584 SF
  • 13 Labs
  • 41 Offices
  • 66 Cubicles
  • 5 Large open collaboration areas
  • 4 Conference rooms
  • Large and small break rooms

EQUIPMENT - By the Numbers

  • 119 Benches (with and without shelving)
  • 28 Sink units with lab mixing faucet, eyewash, DI water, pegboard, & service umbilical
  • 61 Bench top fume hoods with service fixtures and fume hood base cabinets
  • 1 Bench top fume walk-in fume hood with service fixtures
  • 1 Walk-in fume hood with service fixtures
  • 100 Ceiling service panels
  • 33 Snorkel exhaust arms
  • 23 Flammable storage cabinets