Gulf Coast area company builds new R&D lab with ability to expand.

Gulf Coast area company builds new R&D lab with ability to expand.

A leading global developer and manufacturer of highly-engineered specialty chemicals needs a new laboratory complex designed to support R&D efforts for their rapidly growing portfolio.  It is imperative that the complex is designed to accommodate future growth with minimal interruptions to ongoing R&D activities.  The new facility will be instrumental in helping them achieve their aggressive growth goals.  

Spectrum's team designed and constructed a 5,400 SF building that can be expanded more than 6 times in size. The structure and foundation will support a future second story.  The metal exterior matches the existing campus buildings.  Front elevation incorporates brick veneer and the prefabricated concrete ramps and steps provide a handicapped accessible entrance.     

Features & Building Specifications:

The building has four chemical testing laboratories with eight new chemical synthesis stations that include:

  • Dedicated pressure
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Adjacent corridor access points
  • Double exterior doors are future expansion points to increase the Lab size
  • High Grade Epoxy Cabinets
  • Integral Sinks
  • Safety Eyewash & Shower
  • Integral Backsplash
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Glass Front Top Cabinets
  • Drawer Stack Base Cabinets With Large Open Door Storage Space 


  • (8) Walk-in Hoods that are 6’ long
  • (4) Walk-in Hoods that are 10’ long
  • Can be in use simultaneously with up to 50% sash opening
  • Provide 100% exhaust & are fully balanced 
  • Dedicated Controls
  • Dampers
  • Complete Stainless Steel “Monkey Bars”
  • Natural Gas
  • (7) Single Phase Receptacles
  • (2) Three Phase Receptacles
  • Water, Compressed Air & Nitrogen