Temporary or Permanent Construction - Modular Classrooms are a great option

Spectrum can provide your school with high-quality portable classrooms that will look good and last for years.  We keep our stock well-maintained and in like-new condition.  With flexible financing options, you are sure to find one that is right for your budget.  In addition to our lease fleet, you can also work with our team to design classrooms that work best for you.  From one classroom building to an entire campus, we are confident that you will be satisfied with the solutions provided for you.    

Our Classrooms are:

  • Quick – Call us or visit our list of current inventory to see what we have in-stock.  We maintain a fleet of classrooms that can be ordered and delivered in a short time-frame. When considering constructing a new school, modular construction is a great solution because your building can be designed, engineered, delivered, and installed in months, not years.    
  • Affordable – You can select from a wide range of modular buildings that will meet the most demanding of budgets.  You have several financing options to choose from, including our flexible lease rates.  
  • Portable – The classrooms are easy to move from school to school as the demand for enrollment goes up or down.  When school systems see economic success and high-performing academic programs, a strain can be put on facilities.  Using portable classrooms will help alleviate the situation.      


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