Suburban Church Campus Expands


Growing metro area church wants to expand its adult education program while offering different organizations the ability to use the facility. Ideally, the new building will be placed next to the current building that houses the church’s pre-school academy. The exterior of the new building will have to meet the updated city ordinances, as well as complement the existing buildings on site. The playground that serves the academy needs to be relocated; as it currently sits where new building is intended. The construction phase of the project needs to be complete while the church’s pre-school is not in session. In anticipation of future growth, building should be designed to fit a second story.


This particular church had worked with Spectrum before and was familiar with the modular construction process. The leaders contracted with Spectrum to complete the design build of the new facility. The schedule was developed to allow for the design, permitting, and fabrication of the building to take place during the school year. This allowed for the building to be installed and finished over the summer. The building was designed to allow the space to be split in two; one side could be occupied by the church and the other side could be occupied by an outside entity. Spectrum worked closely with the local permitting office to insure the design and materials met current code. The playground was able to be relocated on the church property. The building was built on a permanent foundation with steel frame to support a future second story.


The church has a campus of buildings that blends well together and plenty of room to expand their adult education program both now and in the future.


  • Large, open assembly hall
  • Full size kitchen with walk-in pantry
  • Expanded opening in assembly wall
  • Several large storage closets
  • Room for stage in assembly hall
  • Sound booth
  • Gang-style restrooms with easy access (6)
  • Classrooms with ample storage space
  • Airy, open foyer
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